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2170 Wildcat Circle
Lincoln, NE 68521

Open Monday - Saturday 8:30am - 5:30pm

1. How do I get a quote?
One of two ways

You can email, fax, or mail us a dimensional sketch of the square footage of the area you want to work on. From the measurements we will be able to give you a rough estimate, and make you aware of any additional charges.
You can call us at (402) 474-0848 to schedule a measurement and from that we can give you a more accurate estimate.

2. Obligation?
Regardless, if we go out and measure and/ or design a complete project for you, there is no cost or obligation until a written agreement is signed.

3. What is your payment process?
Payment to be made as follows: 50-75% deposit and remaining balance due upon completion of the job. If balance is not paid within 3 days after the completion date. 1.5% interest rate will be added to the invoice. All deposits are Non- Refundable-No Exceptions!

4. How close does the estimate compare to the final price?
After the templating is completed, there are rarely instances where the price will change after a contract is signed. If a change needs to be made, you will need to initial the change on the contract.

5. Do I have to buy a whole slab?
Never! You only pay for what you use, there are no disposal fees and excess to slab cost! If it’s too small too resell, that’s our problem, not yours.

6. What makes granite the hardest building stone?
Granite is formed by solidification of liquid magma under the pressure of the earth’s crust. It is composed of Feldspar, Quartz, Mica, and other minerals, making it one of the hardest stones in the world. It has been used for building and decorative purposes for centuries. Granite resists wear and tear applications remarkably well, making it ideal for interior or exterior flooring. When used outdoors, granite’s mineralogical structure is not influenced.

7. Why is granite an excellent material for kitchen countertops?
Next to diamond, sapphire, and ruby, granite is the hardest natural product on earth. Once polished, natural granite will maintain its high gloss for as long as the owner cares for it. Normal use of kitchen knives, cutlery, and cookware leaves no scratches. Heat has almost no effect on natural granite, making it much safer than synthetic surfaces with polyesters and resins. Pots and pans heated to 900 degrees Fahrenheit will not dull natural granite’s lustrous finish, but the use of trivets is recommended to keep your granite counter clean.

8. Can granite get stained and do I need to seal it?
Granite is a highly dense material but it is still porous so it can get stained if a spill is not cleaned quickly. Sealing the surface with a water-based sealant is therefore recommended to protect the granite from water patches and stains. Sealing can be done once a year or once every two years depending on the usage.

9. How much does granite weigh?
Granite tiles and slabs come in different thicknesses. A1 only uses 3cm granite which equals about 1 ¼". The weight per square foot for this thickness is 20lbs. per sq. ft. 

10. Will granite scratch?
Granite can scratch, but only from a material that is harder than granite. There is no countertop that is scratch proof. But it is safe to say granite is definitely scratch resistant.

11. What makes one stone more expensive than another?
The price of natural stone is based on where it is quarried and what those quarries charge for it. Most natural stones are imported from other countries.

12. Can I lay out my slabs?
Absolutely! We recommend that you do so, especially if you have chosen an exotic stone. You can choose where you would like your tops to be cut from out of the slab.

13. How do I support overhang?
As a general rule for natural stone products, anything with an overhang ofmore than 10 inches needs to have a support. If you have any questions on how much support you would needs for a specific area, please ask one of our designers. 

14. What does the price per square foot include?
It includes cutting, edging, profiling and polishing the countertops for your specific installation with any of the standard edges.

15. Are there any other charges?
Yes. Trip and template charge. Dishwasher kit – if you have a dishwasher in your project. Then sink or cooktop cut outs.