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Your decision to buy granite was not just a choice but an investment, here is how you can protect your investment to make it last for years to come.

Granite countertops require special care so that they continue looking beautiful for many years. Although granite is quite resistant to scratches, to properly maintain this type of countertop material it's advisable to follow a few simple procedures. 

  • Spills have a tendency to soak into the surface, so to avoid deep staining wipe up sills immediately. 
  • For stone surfaces, a neutral cleaner such as stone soap or mild dishwashing liquid and warm water is safe to use. When cleaning with a soap solution, use a soft clean cloth and then rinse the surface thoroughly. Finish off by drying with a soft clean cloth. 
  • If you do happen to stain the surface, removal depends on the type of stain. First try removing it with this paste: mix together a cup of flour, 1-2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid and water. Place the paste over the stain, cover in plastic wrap and leave overnight. In the morning use a wooden utensil to scrape away the paste and give it a rinse. This should work except for stains make from grease, oil or milk. In these cases instead of dishwashing liquid use hydrogen peroxide or ammonia in the paste. 
  • Ink, marker and wine stains on darker stone require a lacquer thinner ot acetone for removal. Hydrogen peroxide works well on light colored granite.
  • Another method to remove wine, ink or any other non oil stain is to mix molding plaster and pure bleach into a paste. Apply for 30 minutes, remove and rinse. 
  • For oil-based or fat based stains, create a paste of molding plaster and water. Keep it on the stain for 3 hours and then remove and rinse.
  • Granite countertops require resealing every year. Of course, on surfaces that will be used for food preparation use a non toxic sealer.
  • New disinfectant cleaners on the market now come in formulas designed for granite countertops - purchase this type of product if you prefer disinfectant cleaners to other cleaning options.
  • For any problem that you can't handle on your own or are not familiar with, call us at 402.474.0848
  • Use coasters, especially for alcoholic and citrus beverages as the acid in these drinks can dull the stones surface.
  • Keep hot items off the surface.
  • Always test these cleaning methods on small discreet area for color fastness or granite damage.