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Questions to Ask Your Cabinet Company

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If you want to maximize your home's value, you should pay especially close attention to the kitchen. Few rooms can have as big of an impact on a house's value as the kitchen. Further, a great kitchen can also improve your quality of life substantially. It's a wise idea to work with a great kitchen cabinet company to make the most out of your kitchen.

How Can I Increase Storage Space?

Many homeowners find that they don't have enough room to store everything. This can be especially problematic in the kitchen. You may find yourself storing stuff in a closet outside the kitchen or down in your basement. The problem is, when you need something, this could mean digging through a bunch of boxes in storage.

If you opt to get new cabinets, you may be able to increase storage space with the right cabinets. An excellent cabinet company can help you maximize the storage space in your kitchen. It's important to find a company that will provide custom advice based on what you need to store and other personal factors.

What Types of Materials Do You Use?

Not all kitchen cabinets are crafted equal. The difference between cabinets built with premium materials and budget cabinets can be huge. High-quality cabinets can last for many years and could make your kitchen truly beautiful. Low-quality cabinets, meanwhile, could break down quickly, requiring extensive repairs or replacement. They can also make your kitchen and thus your home feel cheap.

Besides looking at what the cabinets are made of, make sure you also pay close attention to the doors, handles, hinges, and everything else. If you want to get the most out of your kitchen cabinets, it's wise to work with a top-notch cabinet company. These companies use only the best materials and components.

How Long Will the Project Take?

Installing new cabinets can take a long time. First, you may need to remove old cabinets, which can be quite an intensive project. On top of that, installing the cabinets could take a few days and even after they are in place, the work might not be done. They may also need to be painted or stained. If a cabinet manufacturing company doesn't perform installations, they may be able to suggest recommended installers.

When you're in the market for cabinets, there are so many options to consider. In fact, the manufacturing industry topped out at around $19 billion in market size in 2021, according to IBIS World. Luckily, we can simplify that search. Here at A1 Cabinet and Granite, we can design and install high-quality custom cabinets that'll earn the compliments of any guest. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!